Our SENDCO is: Mrs Claire Plimmer

01283 247910

Our main aim is to build an inclusive, supportive school community which fosters high achievement for all pupils across the curriculum. The curriculum is viewed as being everything that goes on within the school, and includes the mental, emotional and physical health of staff and pupils. The school is committed to developing learning and participation for all who work here.             

We consider that a child has a Special Educational Need if he/she has a noticeably greater difficulty in learning than the majority of his/her peers. We also recognise that some children will have behavioural, emotional, medical or physical needs, including those of a speech or language nature, which will affect their potential for learning.        

We believe all children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum and equality of opportunity which may involve enhanced provision and support. We provide a good learning environment which creates an atmosphere of encouragement, respect for achievement and sensitivity of individual needs.

We have an ongoing system to monitor pupil progress. These procedures will involve consultation with parents and liaison with support agencies such as the Education Authority’s Special Needs and Psychological Services, and the development of personal learning plans (PLPs). To view the link to the Staffordshire Local Offer please click here.

For children who are experiencing social, emotional or behavioural difficulties we are able to offer support through our nurture provision. The school has also been awarded full Dyslexia Friendly status and has been proudly awarded with the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools, Bronze Mental Health Award for 2023-26.

     SMHA Bronze 2023 26

We aim to:

  • Ensure that the needs of pupils with SEND are identified early
  • Ensure these pupils are assessed, monitored, planned for and regularly reviewed to improve outcomes and therefore make the necessary progress
  • Enable pupils with SEND to achieve their potential
  • Ensure pupils are prepared and equipped for life in the wider community
  • Ensure parents/carers are fully engaged and supported in decision making, assessing progress and determining goals
  • Gain the views of the child and enable them to have a voice, where applicable
  • Provide advice and support for all staff working with pupils with SEND
  • Identify and refer pupils to the appropriate services where a need has been identified
  • Implement the advice of experts and professionals involved from outside of the school
  • Identify and direct parents to the best providers of support
  • Provide detailed information about the arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for pupils with SEND
  • Support key transition points throughout their education, to allow them to be as smooth as possible
  • Minimise barriers to participation in school life
  • Nurture and support the relationship between teachers and pupils through mutual respect
  • Develop children’s independence
  • Carefully map provision and review the impact that interventions are having on progress of all vulnerable learners
  • Constantly develop the learning environment to meet the changing needs of pupils
  • Provide relevant training to staff members supporting pupils with SEND

Please find some useful resources, website links, policies and documents below for your information. Click on the links to visit the website or click on the attachments to open them.  

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